Robyn Neven

"Robyn is a very knowledgeable, strategic and driven sales professional. In my time working with her, I was consistently impressed with her ability to communicate transparently, craft effective sales strategies, and instill trust in her colleagues and partners. Her passion is unparalleled and quite contagious." -Wendy B.

Robyn and her family moved from the Pacific Coast Highway to the Peak to Peak Highway over 15 years ago. Brushing sand off her toes to shoveling snow was a huge change and she embraced it with enthusiasm, optimism, and a new wardrobe. Robyn quickly became an active member in the mountain community and just before her daughter graduated from Nederland High School, they relocated to downtown Boulder and said goodbye to the incredible mountain wind. Robyn then became an active member of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, and quickly built business relationships and friendships that remain today. Falling in love with Boulder, she has settled in the Chautauqua neighborhood and absolutely loves its architecture, warmth, views, and community.

8z puts clients first and so does Robyn. She knows how emotional and stressful, yet exciting moving can be. She is highly communicative and always wants her clients to sleep soundly knowing she’s taking care of them the way she’d like to be taken care of. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a well-established investor, Robyn has your back. Strategy is at the core of her technique and experience. As a client, you will soon learn that Robyn doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach. She leverages her relationships, talent, and intellect to achieve your goals.

Trust in Robyn and you’re certain to not only have an incredible experience you’ll share with your friends and family, but you’ll have a great time doing it.